Peshmerga, sold weapons, blown up houses

There are several accusations against Peshmerga that consistenly come up. On the one hand, that the whereabouts of the German Federal Armed Forces are unknown, on the other hand, that they would blow up houses of the Arabian population. I was…

Shingal, Kurdistan and the German weapons

Since the situation in Kurdistan (North-Iraq) keeps changing daily, I went there again to report from this region. My report from June you'll find here, a summary of the Kurdish history here. Together with Tobias Huch (FDP) I will visit…

Live from Kurdistan – From Mosul to Kirkuk

20th June 2014, Mosul I just had the opportunity to talk to two Peshmerga generals. The overall situation in Kurdistan is good. We came from Erbil to Mosul without any problems. According to one of the generals, we were the only journalists…